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Welcome to Vista Expedition!

Vista Expedition has got a global representation in almost all the countries of the world. All our agents are experts in their region and they are equally dedicated and committed to the clients as they set tough standards of quality to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

With our global reach, our customers feel at ease, whether at origin or at destination due to our very strong adherence to the global logistics systems.

We offer a personalized service to our clients while at the same time ensure professionalism in our approach which attributes to our success in winning over the competition.

Our technological connectivity ensures prompt relay of communication on all shipments status to the agents concerned. This information when shared with the end customers will enable them to receive their shipments at the required time and destination. This will avoid cargo landing at destination giving a surprise to the consignees!

Our agents in these countries work with us in absolute professionalism which is well appreciated by most of our prestigious clients.

What VISTA offers to clients?

Being a dedicated service provider, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. Whether it is a sample shipment by air, which decides the future business of our clients or a full fledged project shipment whereby several shipments constitute the operational installation of the project in any remote global location, Vista Expedition is your obvious choice for professionalism.

Our clients are scattered all over the country and also across the globe, which has time and again reaffirmed their faith and trust on us, which has shaped us to be what we are today.

We believe a satisfied client is more important than a higher profit margin and we pride ourselves with the number of years a client is associated with us rather than the mere profitability of his business to us.

Most of our new clients are referred by satisfied existing customers and we constantly strive to improve our standards of quality and performance.

Our clients hail from the sectors of
- Garments, Machineries, Granites, Engineering products, Offshore marine equipments etc.,

Our network of offices across the country helps in buyers’ consolidation of cargo when the suppliers are scattered in different locations and individual shipment of their cargo will be working out to be more expensive to the buyer.

On such instances, Vista Expedition can offer groupage services with a single point of contact for status update saving the hassle of the buyer checking independently with each supplier.

The competitive freight advantage passed on to the buyers with a guaranteed status update on cargo readiness, vessel planning, sailing schedule both tentative and confirmed etc., Vista Expedition can offer Groupage and consolidation services from any of the Indian ports irrespective of the cargo type and volume.

We offer our clients the advantage of tracking their shipments from our website and they can be updated on their shipment throughout the period of transit until cargo delivery. So call on us today for your logistics needs and see for yourself what Vista has to offer!

Strengths and Advantages of Vista Expedition

VISTA offers a 100% personal care and tailor made logistics solutions to our clients.

  1. “One stop Shop” to offer total logistics requirements under one roof.
  2. Wide network and geographical coverage providing the customers with reach and flexibility.
  3. Excellent infrastructure and dedicated manpower at all branch locations.
  4. International tie ups and partnerships that assure global solutions.
  5. Internal networking with all branch offices to produce excellent communication and feedback systems.
  6. Knowledge, experience and contacts of the management in providing transportation solutions.
  7. Unlike the MNCs, VISTA is not constrained with inflexible policies and procedures and can accommodate specific requests and make immediate decisions and recommendations based on the need of the hour for each individual shipment.
  8. Our global partners in 100+ offices are privately owned independent companies competent in their respective regions and well versed with the governmental regulations and sanctions ensuring a swift logistics movement of your cargo across the globe.
  9. Dedicated man power and state of the art infrastructure to handle time sensitive cargo at any of the global port or airport.
  10. Internal networking with all branch offices to produce excellent communication and feedback systems.
  11. Knowledge, experience and contacts of the management in providing transportation solutions.